New Project "Debating Threats to Democracy"


De International Debate Education Association (IDEA) helpt jongeren wereldwijd hun mening te ontwikkelen en uit te dragen door middel van debat en onderwijs over actuele onderwerpen. 

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19 dec 2016
The IDEA Debate Exchange will go into its fourth consecutive year in 2017. We will be hosting 50 participants from 21 partner organisations in Helsinki for a...
26 nov 2016
IDEA NL invites all participants to Dutch WUDC 2017to extend their stay in The Netherlands after Worlds and get together to share their ideas to help build our...
5 aug 2016
All international participants of the IDEA Debate Exchange have now left Sofia. After the final day of the Exchange on Monday the 1st, and sightseeing for some...
31 jul 2016
Participants at the IDEA Debate Exchange in Sofia have started their final training day today. They are discussing ways to use debate for youth advocacy, and...