Hosted by Mr. Brando Benifei, member of the European Parliament, the event will bring together in a high level debate high authorities, policy makers, members of IDEA and young people. This round table will discuss the impact of debate education on the youth empowerment and therefore, on creating a more inclusive society.



14:30-  15:00 


15.00- 15:05 



The event will be hosted by Mrs. Kim van Sparrentak, member of the European Parliament. European and world champions debaters will share with youth NGOs, young people, politicians, policy makers and youth workers some of the most relevant debate techniques, such as: persuasive argumentation, critical thinking, listening and refutation.


9:30- 10:00 


10:00 - 10:15



Co-creation Workshop: Debate education organisations meet youth NGO’s, politicians, policy -makers and young people.
Are you searching to match your theme with strong methods to empower youth to speak up? Join this session!





Opening: “How Debate Education can give voice to youth”


  • Joe Zompetti Professor in Rhetorics

17:15 - 17:45

Workshop “How can our organisations benefit from our shared expertise?”





  • You’d like to use your debate training to benefit young people in education and youth work?
  • You'd like to learn how to train the next generation of role models to use debate and critical thinking in their work?
  • You'd like to know the ins and outs of a curriculum fit for debate across the continent?
  • You’d like to be the first to get to know the new system of certifying debate trainers across Europe?


Then register for our International Dissemination Event!

The European Debate Trainer Conference is brought to you by IDEA NL in cooperation with DebateConsult.




We aim to bring together professional debate and communication trainers from all over Europe for the first-ever debate trainer conference.

  • Meet other professional debate trainers across the continent
  • Build a network for future projects
  • Exchange ideas and best practices for debate trainings
  • Choose from various workshops
  • Get new impulses for marketing and training methods
  • Find out about the latest trends in debate training
  • Become part of a European organisation of debate trainers


Save the date for our conference!

Saturday, December 7th 2019
in Utrecht, The Netherlands


Interested in taking part?

Sign up through our online form.

We offer €50,- packages for individuals and a €75,- per person package for business.

We can also help you sort out hotel arrangements through our dedicated partners.


International Multiplier Event

We also invite you to join the International Multiplier Event the Friday before.

  • You’d like to be the first to get to know the new system of certifying debate trainers across Europe?
  • You’d like to use your debate training to benefit young people in education and youth work?

Then register for our International Dissemination Event – it’s just the day before the conference!

Empower Youth to Debate Across Europe - International Dissemination Event
Friday, December 6th, 9am – 5pm
Utrecht, Netherlands

Admission free!
organised by IDEA NL
Contact Daan Welling at for more information.

The project “Empower Youth To Debate Across Europe” is a co-operation between IDEA NL and 7 partners across Europe.
The consortium believes that debate education is an urgent need to help young people find their voices, become critical thinkers, and active citizens.
To help them, we have created a train-the-trainer program, accreditation mechanism,debate curriculum, and debate training database, to maximise the strengths of debate trainers in the (non-)formal education sectors across Europe.
Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union







The International Exchange in Athens will bring together youth from over 16 countries in Greece to debate European-wide issues, share experiences, cultures, and improve the art of activism and debate amongst them.

This Exchange is part of the international project "Creating Critical Minds and Voices in Europe", a project where debate events aimed at improving the rhetorical, critical thinking, and intersubjective comprehension skills of participating youth. This project is made possible thanks to support from Europe for Citizens.

The IDEA Debate Exchange 2017 will be held in Turku from August 21 until August 28. The IDEA Debate Exchange aims to increase cooperation between student debate organisations in Europe and to strengthen their organisations, their reach and effectiveness. The participants exchange experiences and practices based on their work in different countries. More information can be found here