Europe 2018 - Jongerendebat - Forum on European culture

When you look at past European Parliamentary election results, it becomes clear that the youngest generation of voters are the least likely to vote . This is a warning against the democratic validity of the EU: young voters do not feel represented in present-day Europe. It’s high time we give the floor to a younger generation so they can address how they envisage the future of Europe. After all, the future of Europe is in their hands.

In light of the election of the new Youth Representative European Affairs for the National Youth Council, IDEA (International Debate Education Association) and the National Youth Council are joining forces with the Forum on European Culture. We will organise a debate on the current state of Europe with 50 young people from all backgrounds and corners of the country.

In teams, they will debate three statements: how do they experience their freedom of movement in Europe? How European do they actually feel? And how can they be represented better on the European level? All statements will be introduced by the three candidates, who are in the running for the post of Youth Representative European Affairs. The best teams and individual debaters are awarded with a prize, not only for speaking skills, but also for originality and listening skills.


The best team will be sent to Athens to participate in the international youth exchange "Creating Critical Minds and Voices in Europe".

This program will be in Dutch.

This programme is a part of the second edition of the Forum on European Culture: “Act for Democracy!”. At a time when the future of Europe is more uncertain than ever before, we bring together leading and inspiring artists, thinkers, economists and politicians during a 4-day interdisciplinary programme to discuss Europe and its future. The event will take place from 11.00 to 13.00 in Bellevue Theater, Amsterdam.

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