International Essay Contest for young debaters

This essay contest is organized in an effort to highlight the impact of debate education on the life of young debaters. We want to share how debate education can shape the society into a more inclusive model. We specifically want to invite young voices to speak about their experiences to politicians and stakeholders. That is why we want to use this essay contest to find inspiring young people who can participate in a high-level debate in the European Parliament together with politicians and European-level policy makers.

This contest is an activity within the framework of IDEA “Debate changes your life” campaign co-founded by Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union. 

THEME: “Debate changed my life”

What value does debate education hold for you personally? Where do you see the value for debate education in your society? What goal do you want to reach or have already reached due to debate education? Carry out the answer of these questions, and then use your experience as a stimulus in writing the essay. 

For more information, please follow this link.