Joint Roots, Joint Dignity and Joint Collaboration through dialogues

In the Joint Roots, Joint Dignity project, we have given young people with African roots debate training courses across the country. These training courses were in the context of discrimination, expression and inclusion. The aim was to empower them to speak up and participate in discussions on topics of their interest. Joint Roots Joint Dignity has been organised in the context of the International Decade for people of African Descent. 

As a conclusion of the Joint Roots, Joint Dignity trainings program, we are organizing a series of  public debates in the period December 2017 - July  2018.  We will debate positions that may possibly connect us with each other during these debates. The goal is to empower young people and give them tools to express themselves in a constructive way.

Joint Roots Joint Dignity local debates will be - among others- in Rotterdam: 15th of March 2018, The Hague: 16th of March 2018, Arnhem: 18th of March in Eindhoven: 22nd of March 2018 and Amsterdam: 28th of March 2018: 31 of March in Hilversum.  The Joint Roots Joint Dignity Debates in Leiden and Amersfoort are pending.

Elections are coming up and therefore some of the public debates will serve as a platform to promote the voices of people of African Descent in the municipalities.Joint Roots, Joint Dignity seeks for Joint Collaboration with young people in the heart of change, to respect the universal declaration for Human Rights on the basis of non discrimination. 

Two national debates about joint collaboration to respect the rights of young people took place in Nieuwspoort The Hague at May 3 2017 and recently March 3th 2018.

Joint Roots Joint Dignity is a project that IDEA NL initiated together with the African Studies Centre. It is a follow up of the ‘Inclusion of African youth in Europe’ debate project. Other national partners are CCOLA and Jade Zorg group and local partners are the African Student Association in Amsterdam, the Union for African Students in Wageningen, Peace Center in Eindhoven, the Seeds in Rotterdam.

Joint Roots Joint Dignity is funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs to promote the International Decade for people of African Descent.


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