Kai Klandorf - President
Kai Klandorf has been an active member of Estonian Debating Society since 2004. Kai has a Masters degree from Anglistics and Pedagogy. She is currently working with a social enterprise called SpeakSmart where she carries out trainings related to debate, argumentation skills, critical thinking, and public speaking. As her main job she works for Estonian National Institute for Health Development

Ioan Nascu​ - Treasurer
Ioan Nascu has been involved with debating since 2006, having worked with several organisations in over 8 countries since. He holds an LLB in English Law with Australian Law from King’s College London and Monash University, and recently graduated from the Legal Practice Course at BPP. Ioan is currently also pursuing a Master’s degree in Applied Informatics and is an associate at the Financial Conduct Authority in London.

Lazar Pop Ivanov - Secretary
Lazar Pop Ivanov currently works in NOVA International Schools as the coordinator of the Model European Parliament program. Lazar has an LLM in International Law and International Relations. He has been an active member of the Macedonian debating community and civil society sector since 2002.

Steven Nolan - Member
Steven Nolan is a former Youth Forum Director for IDEA and Youth Education Manager for the English-Speaking Union. He has severed as President of the European University Debating Council and as a representative to the World University Debating Council. Steven has been involved in debate training and competition administration in dozens of countries, for a wide variety of audiences. He currently works as Director of Operations and Logistics for a London based food business.

Jens Henning Fischer - Member
Jens Henning Fischer studied law and political science. He is the co-founder of the Berlin Debating Union, and has taught debate and speaking in dozens of countries.  He was the chairman of both the European and World Universities Debating Council, the governing bodies that awards and regulates the respective competitions. Jens  owns and operates "Besser Reden", a communications and presentation consultancy based in Berlin and Düsseldorf, Germany. He is the head of legal training of Model International Criminal Court, http://model-icc.org and president of the German Debate Alumni Society (Deutsche Debattiergesellschaft).

Rokas Atkociunas - Member
Rokas Atkociunas has been involved with debating in various capacities since 2006. Rokas holds a MA in Social Anthropology. He  is a research analyst at a private equity firm and currently serves as the chair of the council at Educational Debate Centre Lithuania.

Tamara Bobakova - Member
Tamara has been involved in the debating community as a debater, judge or trainer since 2001. Currently at a Bratislava-based NGO LEAF, she is building an innovative boarding high school for talented students in Central Europe. Tamara is a former management consultant and holds degrees in international relations and international public management.

Daniel Schut - Member

Daniel is active as a succesful debate trainer since 1999. He gives workshops, courses and training in debate- and communication skills. His target groups varies in the scale of NGO's, Youth Centers till small scale companies and multinationals, policy makers and politiceans. Daniel has his own training- and advice company  'Luistervinken' and wrote various books about debate and communication.   He won the Dutch Championship competition in 2013.