Mariahoek 16-17
3511LG Utrecht
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 30 633 12 94

How to get to the office from Schiphol

Route from Utrecht central station to IDEA NL office

When you arrive at Schiphol Airport, you buy a ticket to Utrecht Central Station. Here you get out and you walk through the station hall in the direction of the Centre (so towards platform 1). After you cross the ‘check points for the tickets’ (bieb-bieb) you will enter in the shopping mall Hoog Catherijne. You follow the direction Godebaldkwartier. At your right hand you see the ABN AMRO PIN and the fashion shop DIDI. Here you go to the right (so the corridor in between ANB AMRO and DIDI). When you see near the end of this corridor the shop HEMA (red brand HEMA left hand) and Albert Heijn(blue brand AH right hand) you are going well. You will find at the end of this corridor a turning door and when you go through those you see the rolling stairs. You go down. When you are down the street – outside the shopping mall- you go to the left (if you would go to the right you would go back to the station). You see traffick lights and a busy double road named Catherijne Singel and Rijnkade (they are renovating this road now). You cross those roads like most of the people will do. You walk straight on, into the street named Mariaplaats. After about 15 meters you will pass, three (post) mail boxes on your left hand. Here you cross the street. You stand now in front of a lovely big garden with flowers surrounded by old houses. This is the MariaHOEK. (check the name on the houses). The office of IDEA NL is left in the corner of this park/garden, Mariahoek number 16/17. You can ring at the bell of OIKOS.
If you get lost please call