Call for Board Members

The General Assembly of IDEA Netherlands (IDEA NL), consisting of member organizations of IDEA NL,  is seeking to elect new board members for the organization on July 7th 2019, at their annual meeting in Warsaw. The election will take place through a secret ballot and candidates will be elected for three-year terms.

Who are we looking for: IDEA NL is looking for skilled and dependable candidates, particularly those with a passion to serve, some previous connection to debate and a knowledge of NGO/network governance, strategy, program development, communications, accounting or fundraising.

We would like to ask in particular potential board members to apply with the following background:

-    Finance and accounting (function of treasurer)/legal affairs;

-    Fundraising (focus on institutional donors);

-    Fundraising (focus on private market/private foundations);

-    Marketing and communications;

-    Strong network among international NGO/’s, EU, and national governmental worlds.

What is involved: While the Board  is legally in charge of IDEA NL, the Executive Director runs the organization day-to-day. The Executive Director reports to the Board and other IDEA NL staff report to the Executive Director. The board by convention meets two times a year in person and conducts business between meetings by Skype and email or calls. The work of the Board requires about 10 hours/month, not including the in-person meetings.

How to apply: Persons interested in applying to become Board Member please send an email to with answers to the questions below before 12.00 a.m. CET, July 5th 2019:

1) Name:

2) Country of citizenship:

3) Occupation:

4) Place of residence:

5) What would make you a good board member? 

6) How do you think IDEA Netherlands should be improved and how would you contribute to this?

7) The business of the board includes more than merely attending physical meetings. To what extent are you able to respond to emails regularly, chair working groups and/or work on papers?

8) Please mention any major achievements, debate experience, skills etc. that you would like to share with others.

The answers of the nominees will be circulated to the members of the General Assembly of IDEA NL. To receive more information do contact the same email address.


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