Creating Critical Minds and Voices closed: report available online.

In this project we engaged a total of 3541 participants, 3217 citizens at a national level, and 324 citizens at an international level. They participated in 2 x 15 national debates or debate series, with 2 international exchanges for participants selected through national events. The knowledge gained at an international exchange was disseminated back on the local/national level through spin-off activities.

The participants' profile involved mainly young people, with a about 25% coming from a disadvantaged background (ethnic minorities, rural community, linguistic minorities). More than half of all participants were female.

The aim of the national and international events were to educate young people about EU, current topical issues, and civic engagement; enable their ability to raise their voices and opinions about these issues; and grant them skills for critical thinking, public speaking, and collaboration, in line with the 21st century skills approach and the Paris Declaration.

This was done by involving the methodology of debate competition, workshops on content and skills and public debates. National events received thematic unity due to the selection of topics by all partners and development of educational materials by a Curriculum Team.

We organised in total 28 national debates for one country, and 2 cross country debates where 4-6 countries were involved (in Slovenia and Hungary). In addition we organised two international events for 16 countries.

At the International Exchanges students followed workshops delivered by expert young peers from all partner countries, engaged in public debates, and practiced their reasoning and presentation skills through demonstration debates. Through excursions, games, and country expos we increased knowledge and the network of young people across their country's borders.

The results of each event were disseminated through the social media of IDEA NL and the partners

You can find the full report here.

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