Creating Critical Minds and Voices in Europe goes international

We wish everyone a warm welcome to the Athens Exchange of “Creating Critical Minds and Voices in Europe”!

CCMVE is an international debate program focused on our three “ABCs”

  • Active  Citizenship (advocacy,  public  speaking,  argument  construction/refutation,  volunteering, community organising,  etc.)
  • Being  informed (media  analysis,  critical  thinking,  combatting fake  news,  identifying  logical  fallacies,  straw  man,  assertions,  use  of  evidence    etc.)
  • Current  events  in  Europe (Rise  of  nationalism  and  extremist  parties,  refugees,  economics,  Brexit,  violence  &  how  to  address  it,  security  &  freedom,  etc.  )

We hope to provide a stimulating intellectual and cultural exchange for all our participants from Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

Having so many representatives of different countries, backgrounds, and cultures together is a truly rewarding and exciting experience. We firmly believe that you will come from this exchange enriched and having made new friends for life.

Through workshops and debate events we hope to help make you active and critical citizens of Europe. We hope that you come away from this event having come up with strong messages and stronger views on the world and feel excited to make a change.

We also hope that you will want to share your experiences with your immediate surrounding. Please feel free to report on this event through your social media account using the hashtags #ccmve and #idebate and follow our Facebook Page “Creating Critical Minds and Voices in Europe” to receive the latest updates on this project.

This event takes place from October 25th to October 29th in Athens, Greece.