Debate education supports youth workers to prevent youth from radicalisation

Debate education is one of the strategies to support youth workers to prevent youth from radicalisation. Therefore IDEA NL is one of the European partners in the YARIM project. This project  empowers youth workers to prevent youth to  make destructive radical choices when they feel neglected, isolated or excluded. The OPEN UP, Let youth be heard method is one of the methods that the toolkit will offer to the youth workers. See  the website here 

In a context of increasing radicalization processes among young people aged 13 to 25, the YARIM project is based on a triple observation:

1)Young people weakened in their process of constructing identity, frailties that constitute a possible context of emergence of radicalizations, including religious ones.

2)Distancing and even rejecting these young people vis-à-vis the institutions of the different states and, more generally, the principles of democracy.

3) A challenge for youth workers to address issues of religion with the youth they take care of.

YARIM innovates in the field of the prevention of the risks of violent radicalizations by passing from a logic of intervention towards the young people to a logic of active listening and co-production with these young people, recognized in their capacities of expression, and of participation in civic life. Young people have the word to young people and adults.

YARIM is based on the development, testing and evaluation of three innovative intellectual productions that will:

1) Training organizations to support, on their territory,  increase in skills of youth workers to promote the consideration of religion among young people and the prevention of violent radicalization processes.

2) Youth actors to enrich their interventions with youth, recreating conditions for  dialogues, especially on religious issues, to bring out counter-narratives to actions of recruitment and ideologies extremes.

3) Young people to develop their empowerment and their sense of recognition through expression and listening.

Partners in this project are to be found here. Yarim is co funded by Erasmus Plus Youth, Key Action 2. 

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