DICE:Diversity Inclusion Citizenship Empowerment

DICE-Diversity Inclusion Citizenship Empowerment!

IDEA is participating in the project DICE (Diversity, Integration, Citizenship and Empowerment). DICE is a two year Erasmus+ strategic partnership project, coordinated by Eurocircle, which brings together five partner organisations from France (Eurocircle), Italy (CESIE), Cyprus (Mediterranean Management Centre), the Netherlands (International Debate Education Association), and Poland (Danmar Computers), to create training resources for professionals working with newcomers in Europe. The project’s three main outputs are: the creation of a training handbook on the topics of intercultural awareness, discrimination, approaches to working with newcomers and empowering professionals to speak up and defend rights, with guidance on how to deliver non-formal trainings on these topics to groups of professionals; an online training on the same topics freely accessible to individuals, with a focus on learning by self-reflection; and a guidebook on tools to validate and acknowledge the skills and competences of newcomers.

Representatives from each of the partner organisations came together twice already. The first meeting took place in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Here all partners discussed the main titles Diversity-Inclusion-Citizenship-Empowerment. Ibra, Gulzar and Allachie made together with a film crew from   EuroCircle an impressive video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cDa7akftOQ&feature=youtu.be 

The second exchange took place in the beautiful city of Palermo. We had five days long ontensive discussions and development of the content of the training modules, which wo;; make up the written training handbook. IDEA is asked to deliver empowerment and reflection tools for professionals who work with new comers to support them in critical thinking and participation in debates in order to make 'small revolutions'. But also to empower new comers with skills that helps them to be critical and to participate in discussions like anyone else. IDEA staff, Yvonne Heselmans and Iman learned a lot too. Because during the meetings, also the other  partners presented aspects of the training material that they had written and we tested out our activities on the group. Each presentation and test was followed by animated discussions and the sharing of experience from different local contexts and professional backgrounds, including debate education, refugee integration, non-formal education, humanitarian assistance in displacement settings, and legal advice. Eurocircle also introduced the group to three tools which professionals can integrate into their practice to enable newcomers to recognise their skills and their learning progress in different areas. All of the partners will now get to work incorporating the rich feedback and material generated from these sessions into the training modules, before our next transnational meeting in Poland in in December 2019. This will be hosted by our Polish partner Danmar Computers, who is specialised in creating e-learning platforms for European projects, and will focus on transforming the training material into an effective online training.

To be continued!

To be part of our next pool of DICE testers, please write to relations.eu@eurocircle.in