A great debate about a difficult subject: harmony and diversity


'Super beautiful!'
It's so strong that students dare to express themselves so honestly about discrimination.'
'It's good that students keep each other sharp when it comes to polarization and discrimination!'
'The debate and the educational training for teachers and students in advance offered a benchmark in time! It is very important to enter into a conversation about diversity, harmony, discrimination and social security within MBO Amersfoort. We have to listen to students and pick up their points! '
Debating is very important to keep an open climate in the city and school!'
'Wonderful films from the students of Koppel'T', and 'Beautifully decorated decor! by the Koppel'T students!'

A selection of the beautiful reactions that were given by lecturers, students and guests on 10 December in Pathé Amersfoort after the debate 'Harmony and diversity'. The debate was stimulated thanks to the visit of Mohamed El Bachiri who lost his wife during an attack on the metro station in Brussels. Instead of hatred and anger, he gave room for love and compassion to the perpetrators. He wrote the booklet 'Jihad of Love' about the need to remain curious about the other person, to listen to the other person and to learn from each other through encounters and an outstretched hand. This project consisted of a three-day training for teachers on 'learning to debate topics such as harmony and diversity', lessons for the classroom, where each student received the booklet 'Jihad van Liefde', and a final debate for 247 people in Pathé Amersfoort. "a great project, with great content and openness, and especially beautiful because of the enthusiastic involvement of Mohamed El Bachiri, the teachers, students, workgroup multicultural craftsmanship and the municipality and our own colleagues from IDEA!", says Yvonne Heselmans, Director IDEA NL. We hope to publish soon a fantastic Spoken Word of Daan Welling from IDEA who summarized the dialogue at the end.