IDEA Debate Exchange closes off fourth day

The Netherlands should repay people whose ancestors it has enslaved. At least, that is what the proposition argued in a show debate on the second training day of the IDEA Debate Exchange. The proposition argued that this would only be fair as a repayment of debts for crimes that Dutch society benefited from and for which the slaves were harmed and their ancestors still suffer. The opposition argued that this was a wrong that could not be made right with a financial payment that would either be too little or too much and that a proper apology should come in the form of words and actions but not money.

The debate went on with a lot of gusto and engagement of debaters and audience alike, even though all had just participated in another full day of trainings and seminars before that. They had had some time to recuperate in the wonderful weather with a barbecue at 1910s theatre hall ‘t Huis Verloren. And this seemed to have rejuvenated all participants, who talked about these difficult topics after the debate and waited for the result of the judges. Those concluded that the proposition had been more convincing in the debate.

The second day brought topics such as how to communicate and market your projects effectively and become a media detective, how to do brainstorming well, how to apply for EU or other funds and donors, how to find funding for your debate society and how to use debate for strategic decision-making. The participants learned about progress for debate in Moldova, advanced debate training, how to teach debate to disadvantaged youth and public debate moderation.

The participants of the IDEA Debate Exchange are enjoying a well-earned relaxation day in the park today. Some participated in excursions to the farmer’s market, horse fair and the Westfries Museum, which has historical and art exhibitions from the region. All gathered in the park afterwards enjoying a picnic, the lake and beach, the wonderful weather and companionship.

Thursday will see them busy again at workshops and seminars about debate training, debate management and spreading debate to new areas. Have a look at the pictures to see what has happened so far.

The IDEA Debate Exchange is made possible by funding from Youth in Action, a youth fund of the European Commission.