IDEA's campaign "Debate changes your life"

IDEA is kicking off in september the campaign “Debate changes your life”, which also will coincide with the beginning of the 20th anniversary celebration.  

During these past twenty years of activity, we have proved that debate education has a crucial influence in promoting mutual understanding and an active, well-informed citizenship all over Europe. Through our strong partnerships and sponsorships, we have been able to reach out to young people living in marginalized communities and bring them valuable life-learning skills in critical thinking, active listening and argumentation, in order to participate more actively in society and advocacy and make change happen.

“Debate changes your life” is a collection of testimonies of people involved at various levels in debate education, such as debaters, trainers, youth workers, donors,  who have seen themselves becoming more confident and active citizens of a rapidly changing society or have witnessed in the front line the constant evolving and empowering of young people. This campaign will show tangible evidence of how debate education has led to a more inclusive society and has served as a catalyst for the social integration of all, regardless of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, economic, or other status. 

Despite the unquestionable effort made in the past, we feel that we have still much to do in order to consolidate debate education as an important tool to empower young people, to connect them to society and to motivate them to take (personal or civic) action, especially when it comes to the Central and Eastern Europe countries.  The economic and political fragility of these new democracies and the lack of training created during the comunist era still require attention in order to avoid the risk of the advent of some form of authoritarianism. 

We want to create more educational resources, run more Training of Trainers events and organize more international debate events. We want more young people to develop self-confidence and learn to speak up and express themselves. We want to enhance intercultural exchange and build bridges to strengthen communities and promote mutual understanding. 

We can improve the society's future by working with young people, parents, teachers, communities and governments to raise awareness about the impact of debate education in enabling every young person to stand for their ideas and in giving them the chance to be heard. 

If you want to help the “Debate changes your life” campaign, please contact us at for more info. We gladly appreciate any kind of support.