Introducing the new Communication Officer

We are happy to announce that Enilsa Magjistari is joining our team as a communication officer. Starting from June, she will coordinate the communications strategies and activities of our network all around Europe.

Enilsa has almost 5 years of experience in increasingly responsible roles within marketing and communication in the nonprofit sector. Her experience is enhanced by her Master’s degree in Marketing from the University of Bari Aldo Moro (Italy). She is an Albanian native speaker. She knows very well english and italian, and can also speak a little dutch. She is interested in foreign languages and has a passion for traveling in her spare time.

Enilsa is looking forward to launching the campaign that Idea will run to celebrate its twentieth year as an active actor in matter of debate promotion. Although she is new to the topic, she understands the importance of debating in helping people to develop essential critical thinking skills. She will work closely with the staff in Utrecht and with the communication specialists of the Idea members.

Here below you will find a short interview about her feelings and goals for this new job.

Q:  Why did you like the job when you saw the advertisement?

A: “The first thing that caught my eye when I saw the position posted was definitely the chance to work again in the nonprofit sector. I’d like to believe that my work can really help progress and change people’s life. But the part that really spoke to me about this position was the chance to work with this international network of organizations, which has over 20 years experience in debate education.”

Q: What do you like to achieve at the end of the campaign?

A: “I hope this campaign will help to raise public awareness in matter of debate promotion. A new serie of topics e.g. populism or fake news, creates the need for debate, as an important tool for young people to study topics that they wouldn’t normally consider. I also expect a growth of our friend and partner network."

Q: How do you see the need of debate education among youth in Albania, or in Europe?

A: “Despite the different political and social backgrounds, I believe that debating could help young people across Europe to develop a numbers of skills -such as the confidence to speak in public, the quick thinking, the willing to hear the others-, which are essential to become successful later in life.”


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