Open Call: IDEA NL Content Developer for Future of Europe Debates

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For our projects we are looking for  content developers who will deliver a content package on one of the topics outlined below . The content package will contain the following for each topic:  3-5 debate motions with pro- and con-arguments; a footnote list for further research; links to useful youtube films or other online references; and a lesson plan that enables the user to fit this information in lesson(s) aimed at the target group of youth 14-18 across Europe. The aim of those lessons is to deepen target group’s knowledge about the topic ánd skills to debate those topic.

The overall goal of those  content packages is to enable strong debates within current partner networks and ongoing projects, primarily including Creating Critical Minds and Voices in Europe and the Future of Europe Debates.  The content packages would need to be understandable for its primary audiences: educators and youth 14-18, who will participate in these debates.


The packages need to be developed in English.



Democratic legitimacy

The rise of political populism in Europe

Democratic legitimacy

The state of human rights within the European Union

Relation between EU and its member-states

The rise of illiberal democracies and the EU response

Relation between EU and its member-states

Relations between EU and Russia


Economic migration and youth unemployment


The refugee “crisis”


Candidate overview

  • The candidate would preferably have a strong knowledge basis on (one of) the selected topics(relevant degree/courses on at least Bachelors level);
  • The candidate would need to have excellent written English;
  • The candidate would need to have extensive experience with debate and debate education.

Given the specific knowledge required and the limited time, we will select more than one candidates – and a maximum of 6 candidates- to fullfill this job.  This means that in case you have expertise in one topic only, don’t hesitate to apply!

-Project Duration

  •  Each content package would be developed independently before August 20,2018, with further instructions and feedback from a direct supervisor within IDEA NL;


  • The content developer would work under a voluntary contract for IDEA NL for the duration of the content development, with a stipend of maximum 250 euros for each content package, payable through a volunteer contract.


Applicants need to send their CV and a short motivation to Daan Welling at  with a copy to not later than August 5th 2018. The subject of the email needs to be ‘Content Developer’.  A steering committee – representing members and board and staff of IDEA - will make the final selection.  You will start your job by August 8th and we aim to finish these packages end of August. Please mention which topic(s) you would apply for. You can apply for multiple topics.

Applicants need to reside in or work for a debate organisation established in one of the following countries to be eligible for this project. We give priority to partners who work with one of IDEA NL’s member organisations.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Czech Republic









The Netherlands




This position supports the activities of IDEA NL and is members under a Structural Grant from Europe for Citizens.