Sharing good stories IDEA NL members #1 Macedonia - The Championship for beginners

IDEA is an organisation that consists of strong members with a long history of debating education. Some members already over 20 years! Decades of debate education! Decades of stories to share.
With this story of Macedonia we start a series of good stories from events supported bij IDEA. Stories of which we hope they will inspire you!

Good stories #1 Macedonia - The Championship for beginners
by Teodora Stolevska, Program Coordinator - Debate
Youth Educational Forum from Macedonia

“Debate is not just a tool for competition. It is a way of improving one’s knowledge, skills and overall perception of the world”, says Youth Educational Forum, IDEA’s member in Macedonia. 
The first steps in this new field of life were taken by more than 150 high school students in Macedonia in the weekend of 21-23th December, 2018.
For many of them, as an out-of-the-ordinary activity, this was a highly meaningful experience. Debaters from various cities of Macedonia took part in one of the largest debate events in the country in the past few years. The tournament allowed for the debaters to have a chance to improve their knowledge for social subjects as well as to enhance their debating skills. 

Sharing debating knowledge

As a ‘Debate Championship for beginners’, this event represented a fair ground for the new beginners to start their debate careers, and it encouraged the debaters to further their knowledge and debate activities. Last but not least, the tournament can also be seen as a platform where different debaters, judges and trainers from different cities had the chance to meet each other and share the knowledge and improve each other's skills in a peer-to-peer, non-formal education.
How does it look like? The national debate championship for beginners 2018 was held in High School “Orce Nikolov” Skopje. Here, debaters, trainers, volunteers and adjudicators came together and participated in a tournament which consisted of 5 preliminary rounds, two semi-finals and one final round. 
The debaters had the chance to challenge their opinions and stances and had in-depth discussions about democratic values and the political regimes as well as the governments in the world. The main motion for the tournament was “This House Prefers Technocratic Autocracy over Populistic Democracy”, and the debaters had the option of advancing their knowledge on similar matters.

'The Championship for beginners' was co-supported by Europe for Citizens in the context of Future of Europe Debates.