Support to create progress and synergy in our network

IDEA NL is an association of 18  members of which 14 members are based in eligible European countries for he Europe for Citizens program ‘Structural grant 2019’. IDEA NL has a frame work agreement with the Europe for Citizens and again in 2018 IDEA NL wants to implement a series of Debates about Future of Europe. The members govern IDEA through the General  Assembly. On of our goals is  to create synergy and supporrt in our network. Therefore we are seeking for a full time project officer who is able to support

IDEA and its members in further capacity development. Especially those who are working in and for our network active since the last years are invited to apply. In case you have interest, please send an email to and we can send you 

the package for application. The deadline is April 10, 2019.

This position is co funded via Europe for Citizens under the operational grant that IDEA received in 2019.