Teachers learn debate methodology

The Association for for Creative Communication and Debate (ACCD) in Serbia organised the seminar “Debate as a method of Teaching “ for middle and high school teachers from Southern Serbia. Eighteen teachers from rural schools sin Southern Serbia. gathered for the seminar, four with an an Albanian background and four with a Serbian background. 

The seminar was taught by ACCD's Branka Josimov and Gordana Avramovic.They focused on developing the teacher's competences in debate methodology. They learned curricular programs to support the personal development of students, focused on improved verbal expression, advocacy skills and problem solving. The seminar is accredited by the Institute for Education Advancement of the Ministry of Education. The program is created in accordance with the Standards of Teachers’ Competences and Teachers’ Professional Development. The seminar was evaluated with a grade of 3.84 on a scale from 1 to 4 by the Institute for Education Advancement.

The seminar was organised as part of the project idebateEU. This is a cooperation project of IDEA Amsterdam, IDEA London and ten IDEA members from all across Europe. The project aims to improve cooperation between IDEA and its members and between members, sharing debate methodologies and organisational knowledge in the framework of common activities on European topics. The project is made possible with support of the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Commission. The seminar was co-funded by the United States of America embassy in Belgrade.