'Africa Works as long as young people are heard'

The fruits of the Africa Works Debate Tree

80% of the colourful participants of the Africa Works conference stated: Africa Works!  Among them: Julia Duncan-Cassel (Minister of Development Liberia), Christiaan Rebergen (Deputy Director-General for International Cooperation, Ministery of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands), Pedzisai Maedza (ASC Thesis Award winner), and a number of Ambassadors, Hans Doctor (Special Ebola Representative) and many other professionals with a passion for Africa. 

IDEA Netherlands (NL) launched its Debate Tree at the Africa Works conference on the 16th and 17th of October. It offers a new method to let debate and conference visitors’ thoughts grow. About 100 visitors of the Africa Works conferences watered the tree with their ideas. They were allowed to choose for (yellow) or against (blue) the organisers’, Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC) and African Studies Centre (ASC), statement: Africa Works! They added their thoughts in the colour of their opinion to the tree.

The trees branches reflected the positive and vibrant vibe of the conference itself as its leaves coloured mostly yellow. The content of these yellow leaves showed that a majority felt that African youth empower the continent and have to be able to participate and be heard. Furthermore, their positivity reflected on the many business opportunities Africa offers. The 20% negative statements referred to health issues like ebola, corruption and governance. A word of advice written down on a lot of leaves was that partnerships should at least take aboard local partners to be successful.

Are you interested to read more fruits of these African experts’ thoughts? Either visit the online Debate Tree gallery or the IDEA Debate tree itself. The tree will be at the African Studies Centre (ASC) Bamboo lounge (Wassenaarseweg 52) from 20 to 27 October. The debate for Africa will be taken further at the Afrikadag in the Royal Tropical Institute on the 1st of November. The Debate Tree will welcome you there with a new teasing statement.

If you not only want to take the debate further through helping the IDEA debate tree grow, but also want to be able to make a stronger statement for Africa through debate, join the IDEA NL workshop to improve your debate skills!
















Julia Duncan-Cassel                                                                          Christiaan Rebergen













Pedzisai Maedza   




                                                                                                               Hans Doctor