Plant your IDEA in the Debate tree

Are you pro or con the ACS & NABC statement: Africa Works! Why? For whom? With whom and when? The International Debate Education Association IDEA NL is proud to launch her new debate method the 'Debate Tree’ at the Africa Works conference. You will find it next to the Plenary entrance. Make sure you hang your ideas in its branches in order to make Africa’s story grow. Will your statement be selfied and added to the Debate Tree Statements Gallery on IDEA’s website? The fruit of your thoughts will for sure be presented by Minister Ploumen and taken forward towards Afrikadag on the 1st of November.It will be used there as a starting point for debate workshop on cooperation with new partners for a growing Africa. IDEA's young African participants from the African Inclusion project are looking forward to interview you underneath the Debate Tree during their live stream reports, which can be followed at the Africa Works website. Don’t forget to share your Debate Tree IDEA: @idebateNL @AfricaWorks2014 #Debate tree!