On Saturday March 21, a total of 31 young people and 15 police officers from Antwerp and The Hague sat down and exchanged ideas. They had all participated in an intensive seven-month project building trust and cooperation between young people and police in disadvantaged neighbourhoods through debate, dialogue and improvisation theatre. Joost Leys and Yvonne Heselmans of IDEA NL guided these processes in both cities.

april 20, 2015

On a cold Thursday morning in February, young people from the Antwerp "problem district" Kiel meet with police for a Debate in the Neighbourhood project Wij(k) in verandering.

maart 09, 2015

The position of migrant youth in the labour market, the responses of African families to public authorities, the treatment of undocumented asylum seekers and the relations between the Netherlands and the Congo: all were discussed during the concluding event of the IDEA project  Inclusion of African Youth in Europe in Nieuwspoort, Den Haag on May 22. Five participants of the project presented their advocacy cases to a public of experts, young people with African roots and policy makers.

mei 26, 2014

Art&Argument Public Speaking Competition

5 May is Liberation Day in the Netherlands, celebrated with festivals across the country.

IDEA NL marked the occasion by organising a public speaking competition on the relationship between freedom of speech and discrimination in paertnership with Cultuurhuis Utrecht, the Aboriginal Art Museum Utrecht (AAMU) and the Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht.

mei 06, 2014

The thirteen participants from the project Inclusion of African Youth in Europe completed their blog-writing and advocacy trainings at the IDEA NL headquarters on January the 31st. The series of trainings sought to give them the instruments to plan and carry out their own advocacy campaigns and helped them develop a consistent and effective advocacy plan for projects that they are currently working on.

februari 03, 2014

IDEA NL organised two training of trainers in the Aboriginal Art Museum Utrecht (AAMU) for the Art&Argument project. The first training aimed at youth workers, the second at high school teachers.

december 17, 2013

Thirty debaters and judges participated in the competition that was part of the Inclusion of African Youth in Europe  on Tuesday the 19th of November. The competition provided the debaters with an opportunity to immediately put into practice the skills they learned during the After Summer School the weekend before.

november 20, 2013

Thirty-five participants from seventeen different countries participated in an After Summer Schools training on citizenship and debate in De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. They included students, community workers, artists, and self-employed young people from the Netherlands and Belgium, most with African roots and many active in youth organisations. They were there to learn how to effectively communicate their ideas and ideals and become more effective advocats for the causes they support.

november 18, 2013

The Leiden Debating Union and IDEA NL presented a second preview debate on the Inclusion of African Youth in Europe on the 30th of October in Leiden. Twelve young people with African roots or an interest in the topic participated in a training about debating, followed by a debate about inclusion and exclusion of African youth in employment and education. 

november 01, 2013