November 1, 2014, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam

Matovu Julius: “Because young trees make the forest thick. Africa needs youth for development.”

november 03, 2014

Are you pro or con the ACS & NABC statement: Africa Works! Why? For whom? With whom and when? The International Debate Education Association IDEA NL is proud to launch her new debate method the 'Debate Tree’ at the Africa Works conference. You will find it next to the Plenary entrance.

oktober 10, 2014

IDEA Netherlands (NL) will be launching its new method to grow through debating: 'The Debate Tree' at the Africa Works Conference 16 and 17 October. The project is aimed at young African professionals and the conference on creating new partnerships is organised by The Netherlands African Business Council (NABC) and the African Studies Centre (ASC). The tree space provides the event participant an opportunity to hang out, to have a drink and to reflect about the most important statement of the event and discuss topics that emerge from the workshops.

oktober 08, 2014

The position of migrant youth in the labour market, the responses of African families to public authorities, the treatment of undocumented asylum seekers and the relations between the Netherlands and the Congo: all were discussed during the concluding event of the IDEA project  Inclusion of African Youth in Europe in Nieuwspoort, Den Haag on May 22. Five participants of the project presented their advocacy cases to a public of experts, young people with African roots and policy makers.

mei 26, 2014

Op woensdag 22 april vond een bijzondere ontmoeting plaats in Den Haag: twee deelnemers aan het IDEA project Inclusion of African Youth in Europe spraken met ChristenUnie Tweede Kamerlid Joël Voordewind over de situatie van ongedocumenteerde vluchtelingen in Nederland. Zij keken samen met hem naar de politieke mogelijkheden om de situatie van de vluchtelingen in de Vluchtkerk en –garage in Amsterdam te verbeteren.

mei 05, 2014

Twenty participants from the New Urban Collective in Amsterdam Bijlmer participated in a debate training and public debate on employment and education on Sunday the 16th of March. The participants from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds learned new debate skills and later grilled candidates for the local elections of March 19th.

maart 17, 2014

The thirteen participants from the project Inclusion of African Youth in Europe completed their blog-writing and advocacy trainings at the IDEA NL headquarters on January the 31st. The series of trainings sought to give them the instruments to plan and carry out their own advocacy campaigns and helped them develop a consistent and effective advocacy plan for projects that they are currently working on.

februari 03, 2014