The Leiden Debating Union hosted a public debate about the question: “Should the EU have acted more resolutely to counter the Crimean Crisis?” in cooperation with IDEA NL and Bürger Europas in the KOG on December 10.  

December 12, 2014

De Leiden Debating Union organiseerde op 10 december een Engelstalig publieksdebat over de kwestie: “Had de EU slagvaardiger moeten optreden in de Krimcrisis?” in samenwerking met IDEA NL en Bürger Europas in het KOG. 

LDU lid Daan Welling en Thijs Kievit van de Jonge Socialisten spraken voor de stelling. De oppositie bestond uit Anne-Marie van Venrooij specialist Europa van de JOVD en Lennart van Laake (LDU lid en docent Europees Recht op de Universiteit Leiden). Peter Croonenbruck van Bürger Europas introduceerde het Europese project, waarna het debat van start ging.

December 12, 2014

On Wednesday the 10th of December the Leiden Debating Union organises a public debate about the question "Should the EU have acted more resolutely to counter the Crimean Crisis?", in cooperation with IDEA, Burger Europe and VDCH.

December 10, 2014

The position of migrant youth in the labour market, the responses of African families to public authorities, the treatment of undocumented asylum seekers and the relations between the Netherlands and the Congo: all were discussed during the concluding event of the IDEA project  Inclusion of African Youth in Europe in Nieuwspoort, Den Haag on May 22. Five participants of the project presented their advocacy cases to a public of experts, young people with African roots and policy makers.

May 26, 2014

Sabine (24) ‘We are all humans. We are all here. We all have the right to equal opportunities.’

May 21, 2014

De Erasmus Debating Society (EDS) uit Rotterdam hield 14 mei een publieksdebat over de vraag: “Should we always put ecology before economic growth?” in het kader van de Europees Parlementverkeizingen van 22 mei. Partij van de Arbeid (kandidaat Gerard Oosterwijk en EDS lid Sezen de Bruijn verdedigden de voorstanderskant en d’66  kandidaat Paul Breitbarth en EDS lid Daniel Fayoyin stonden aan de kant van de oppositie. Het nieuwe Paviljoen Theater op de Ersasmus campus was goed gevuld met  52 enthousiaste studenten.

May 20, 2014

What is the relationship between the European Union and Sweden? Should Sweden embrace a closer kinship to the European project, stick to the current path or cut its ties to the continent? In 2014 Sweden will hold elections to both the EU parliament and the national Riksdag. One of the main issues debated in national media is the role of Sweden with regards to the EU.

March 26, 2014

For a third year in a row, the Slovak Debate Association (SDA) teamed up with a group of young Czech and Slovak enthusiasts, many of them Oxford students and alumni, to deliver a week-long training event for high school students from the two republics. Over a hundred of them participated in the 2013 “Discover” summer academy, held August 4-11 in Podskalie, Slovakia.

February 05, 2014

The thirteen participants from the project Inclusion of African Youth in Europe completed their blog-writing and advocacy trainings at the IDEA NL headquarters on January the 31st. The series of trainings sought to give them the instruments to plan and carry out their own advocacy campaigns and helped them develop a consistent and effective advocacy plan for projects that they are currently working on.

February 03, 2014